Obol Brand Kit

Thanks for your interest in Obol! You can find official branding, including logos, colors, etc. on this page. Please contact [email protected] via email or @ComposeBrett on Telegram for any questions regarding Obol-related content, social, news, and design.

Brand guide

Download the brand guide here. (PDF)

Official font

Obol's official font is DM Sans.


Download logos on the following links:


Obol makes use of the following brand colors.

Primary colors

  • Green: #2FE4AB
  • Light Green: #A7E2DO
  • Dark Grey: #111F22

Secondary colors

  • Purple: #9167E4
  • Acid Green: #B6EA5C
  • Orange: #FABA5A
  • L: #E1E9EB
  • Light Blue: #3CD2DD

Primary text colors

Primary background colors

  • 01: #091011
  • 02: #111F22
  • 03: #182D32
  • 04: #243D42
  • 05: #2D4D53


Download the most representative Illustrations here