Squad Staking: The Next Frontier in Ethereum Home Validation

Squad Staking: The Next Frontier in Ethereum Home Validation

It’s time to squad up! Have you ever wanted to run an Ethereum validator but lacked the 32ETH and intimate support needed to get started? If so, squad staking is for you! Get started at squadstaking.com.

Let’s face it, solo staking is hard. It’s easier said than done to gather 32 ETH and keep a node online 24/7, especially when doing it for the first time, by yourself. 

But consider squad staking: a distributed validator (DV) that is run together with multiple other node operators. This allows you to spread the 32 ETH bonding requirement across the entire group, allows up to ⅓ of your nodes to go offline without impacting the validator, and creates a tight-knit squad who are incentivised to help one another. With the added resiliency and security, squad staking also opens up opportunities for home node operators to earn delegated stake from protocols like Lido and EtherFi. Finally, you can directly support Ethereum’s security and decentralisation through squad staking! Not only does squad staking increase the number of operators on Ethereum, squad stakers will also be contributing 1% of staking rewards towards causes that strengthen the Ethereum consensus layer.

To get started, head to the newly launched hub for squad staking or join our community in Discord. Here, you can gain access to free education, connections with other home operators and stakers, and receive community support on your journey. 

Squad Staking is for Everyone! 

Who can benefit from squad staking? No matter what type of squad you are, running validators together allows you to learn, gain experience, connect with others, and help support Ethereum. Let’s dig into some of the groups empowered by squad staking, including home stakers, universities, and Web3 teams,  and communities.

Home stakers

Home stakers can join forces to distribute their existing validators or deploy new ones. With each squad-member contributing a share of the required 32 ETH bond, the economic barrier to entry is lowered for each participant. Once it’s running, a DV’s built-in diversity and fault tolerance enhance the validator’s robustness, lowering the technical barrier to running with high uptime. (Your node went down? No problem, the others are still running! #stakeandsleep) You never know, you might end up staking with Superphiz, who put together one of our earliest squads. 

When you’re as well-known as Superphiz, Twitter is as good a place as any to assemble a squad! Source: Twitter

We have also built a path for new home operators to gain experience and earn credentialisation on their journey. Learn about how to earn a Obol Techne Credential! This credential brings credibility to home stakers who have gained experience and proven their ability to run high-performance validators. The Techne Credential also opens up opportunities for home stakers to  earn delegated stake from staking pools who are integrating DVs into their protocols. 

Universities and blockchain clubs

Universities and blockchain clubs around the world are educating students and facilitating hands-on learning. Some, like CollegeDAO, are using DVs to run their own validators! What better way to squad stake with DVs, get hands-on experience at the cutting edge of Ethereum, and gain opportunities to participate in R&D and ecosystem governance. Squad staking can also provide an early start to a career pathway in web3 or other leadership opportunities, as explained by Joshua Sum:

Web3 organizations

Web3 projects and DAOs can use Obol DVs to engage in #TeamStaking amongst themselves, staking their own ETH or even their DAO’s treasury. This can be a great learning experience resulting in team bonding and culture building, in addition to developing the technical skills of the team members. Staking together can align incentives between team members and the organisation, and help the organisation become more Ethereum-aligned. Alex Clayhills has been an advocate for squad staking at Aragon:

Local communities and non-profits

Ethereum communities can deploy validators as a squad to build deeper relationships with one another, utilising Obol’s training materials to ensure their success. This empowers local communities to generate income, enhance their blockchain literacy, and advance career growth and opportunities. 

Your imagination is the limit! Whether it be squad staking with a group of friends across the country, or travelling to remote Kenya to set up a validator with the locals, Obol DVs are the perfect collaborative tool to start your squad staking journey!

Start Squad Staking to Decentralise Ethereum

Ethereum is far from perfect, and we all have a role to play in making the network robust, decentralised, and credibly neutral. Instead of relying on a single client, a single piece of hardware, and a single human (you) to keep a node running, why not stake as a squad and spread the love? (and the responsibility!) 

Whether you are an aspiring home staker, part of a university, a Web3 team or DAO, or a local community, you can benefit from squad staking while contributing to a more resilient and decentralised Ethereum network. Not only does squad staking increase the number of operators on Ethereum, squad stakers can also elect to contribute 1% of staking rewards towards causes that strengthen the Ethereum consensus layer.

Head to our newly launched hub for at squadstaking.com! Here you’ll be able to find more information about squad staking and how to get started.

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