The Obol Ambassador Program

Today, we are launching a critical initiative to promote community involvement in the journey towards the adoption of distributed validators.

The Obol Ambassador Program

On our journey towards the adoption of distributed validators, it is critical to get our community involved. In order to do that, today, we are launching an important initiative: the Obol Ambassador Program.

This initiative allows members of our community to get hands-on in helping us test Obol and spread the word about the importance of Distributed Validator Technology to the broader ecosystem.

Let’s get to the details! 👀

Obol Ambassador Program (Program Structure & Details)

As a core team, we know that we can’t achieve the mission of securing, scaling, and decentralizing proof-of-stake blockchains alone. To do this, we need to better scale the meaningful contributions from our 25k+ strong community. A community is only as strong as its ability to coordinate efficiently.

The purpose of the Obol Ambassador Program is to help scale the project and further its mission by increasing collaboration and work relationships with our community.

The goals of the Obol Ambassador Program are as follows:

  • Drive the adoption of DVT by encouraging and providing the necessary resources and network for at-home validators to run distributed validators.
  • Drive awareness and education of DVT to all stakers to build broad momentum in the adoption of DVT throughout all types of validators.

The Obol Ambassador Program will help to achieve these goals by encouraging the following activities:

  • Testnet participation & technology evangelism
  • Community education, moderation, and growth
  • Localization and regional engagement
Challenge Coin POAP for the Ambassador Program

For those that participate in this program, we will be offering special access to the Obol team and initiatives, opportunities to improve their knowledge, and the ability to build their own personal brand in Web3. There will, of course, be sweet POAPs and low-mint swag for ambassadors.

Additionally, we will be leveraging the ambassador program in the future as a way to decentralize the project, with influence and certain decision-making ability given to those that achieve Senior Ambassador status.

As of last week, the Obol Ambassador Program is also officially live! For full details, please visit our Obol Ambassador Program page.